The grand Annual Appreciation Day and Graduation ceremony at Panchsheel Public School became a remarkable event that brought together students, parents, teachers, and the entire school community. The event showcased the incredible achievements and talents of the students, creating memories that would last a lifetime. Vibrant decorations adorned the campus, creating an enchanting ambiance. The event commenced with a grand opening ceremony, graced by our distinguished guests, Mr. B.K.Verma ,the famous educationist, school management, and faculty. The Principal Ms. Mehta delivered a warm welcome speech, expressing gratitude for the collective effort that made the event possible. The program encompassed a variety of performances, including mesmerizing dance routines, captivating musical performances, awe-inspiring drama,etc. The event also served as an opportunity to acknowledge and appreciate the exceptional achievements of students in academics, sports and other notable accomplishments through awards and certificates. Overall the annual day celebration was an unforgettable event, celebrating the achievements, talents, and cultural diversity of its students showcasing the school’s commitment to holistic development and provided a platform for students to shine.

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