Our Education

Physical Education

As a healthy body is the abode of a healthy mind, Panchsheel Public
School has accorded physical education a prominent place.

  • Besides making students physically strong, sports and games promote a healthy competitive spirit that helps their mental and social growth.
  • Physical activities like rhythmic exercise, athletics and other sports are a regular part of the school time-table.
  • Students are encouraged to play volleyball, basketball, football, cricket, badminton and other games.

Moral Education

In this fast paced and competitive world, conflicting values and moral Confusions, often make a child feel a sense of inadequacy in life situations; hence, moral education plays the significant role in the upbringing of a child.
  • Moral education, an essential component of Panchsheel Public School teaching programme, moulds the children into honest and patriotic citizens of tomorrow.
  • PPS has ensured that its curriculum and ambience enable a child to think right, to feel the right kind of emotions and to act in the appropriate manner.
  • Right thoughts, emotions and actions help school children to develop as stable, well rounded and morally integrated personalities.

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