Career Counseling Session at P.P.S.

Keeping in view the stress level of students in last two years regarding their career, the chairman Mr. Girish Hora and the Directors of Panchsheel Public school took a great initiative of organizing the  offline session of Career Development programme for the students of classes XI and XII on 12th March, 2022. The resource person for the session was Ms. Ambika Vasudev, an eminent career development expert from DUENDE EDUCATION Pvt. Ltd. The session was initiated by the school Principal, Ms Bharti Mehta. Ms Vasudev commenced her session by taking questions from the students regarding their definition of success and apprehensions about career choices. The aim was to make the audience aware of the multiple career options available in India and abroad as well. She focused on the importance of upgrading one’s personal profile with different  skills in both academic and non -academic areas. She guided the students to identify their interests and follow the four steps to be taken towards success. She emphasized on identifying API (Aptitude, Personality and interest), doing research to explore the new career opportunities and taking decision and action at the right time. One of her team members, Ms. Azima informed the students to take different tests with the career counselor in case they are confused in taking decisions. Through an interactive discussion, students were acquainted with the different upcoming courses and were advised to develop critical thinking, problem solving skills and enhance multi-disciplinary skills, as, blended learning would be the need of the hour in the times to come. The programme had an open house session where queries of the students were answered by her and her team, citing examples which made the session a lively event. The session ended with the golden words of Academic Director, Ms. Neetu Hora and vote of thanks was delivered by Ms. Bharti Mehta. It indeed turned out to be a very enriching and informative session for everyone present  there.

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