Facilities and Features

Fine Arts

Art is an expression of life portraying all its moods in myriad colours. ❖ The fine art department of Panchsheel Public School is painting a beautiful picture as it articulates the creativity of our students. ❖ At a very tender age, PPS students have begun to depict in their own canvasses the beauty of nature around them. ❖ Our gifted art teachers groom budding talents.

Advance Technology

Panchsheel Public School has harnessed advanced technology to facilitate a more lucid and effective exchange of knowledge. The remarkable features of this technological aspect includes:

  • Next-generation computers and highly sophisticated audio-visual aids Elaborate collection of software and extensions of hardware with the strong support of programmed routines and modules
  • Multimedia centres equipped with facilities like Projector, Television and Computer with Internet
  • Computerized examination result system displaying the progress of the child as bar graphs (rise and fall of bars indicating the performance of the child) – ready and easy comparison of his/her performance with the previous efforts – result analysis for further improvement of the student
  • Computerized fee collection system to save the time of parents and avoid inconvenience to  Integration of the use of multimedia into the teaching process to create a brighter tomorrow for today’s students
  • Teaching with projectors and computers to help students better understand the subjects in theory and practical classes – concepts and theoretical aspects of difficult topics lucidly conveyed when projected and shown on screen by the teachers
  • Use of animations to teach even kindergarten students
  • Teaching through interactive classes to make learning interesting, effective and easy for every student

Smart Classrooms

Panchsheel Public School had long ago adopted the concept of smart Classes long ago to make students smarter

  • Science and technology have been rapidly changing the world and these changes are reflecting in the educational sector as well.
  • Students must be smart enough to assimilate the changes around them; hence, they need a classroom that offers more relevant and engaging opportunities for them to learn, and to apply their knowledge and skills in meaningful ways.
  • A smart classroom is equipped with roof-mounted DLP projector, wall-mounted speakers, whiteboard, entire ACER computer system which is enclosed inside a very small podium. It uses
  • Animation simulation and colourful graphic design help in concept development, apart from making the subject come alive.
  • The school houses a well equipped Computer Laboratories.
  • Computer systems are adequately configured and powered with the latest technology.
  • The well-qualified, trained computer faculty makes learning about computers an enjoyable experience for the students; they pro both theoretical and practical lessons, and individual attention while students work on the computers.
  • Computer and student ratio of the lab is 1:2.
  • The lab supports the academic study of Computer Science as a subject.
  • The lab’s learning atmosphere builds confidence in the students and makes them ‘tech-savvy.’

  • The school boasts Physics, Chemistry and Biology Laboratories equipped with all the required gadgets and apparatus.
  • A well-equipped Math Laboratory enables the children to grasp formulae and equations easily.

The school houses a well-stocked and furnished library. A special period is also provided in the school time table and students are encouraged to read books of their liking, for pleasure and information under the guidance of the librarian. The library has a welcoming and inviting atmosphere.

One can find in the school library:

✔ Dictionaries
✔ Encyclopedias
✔ Maps
✔ Charts
✔ Vocabulary building games
✔ CDs
✔ Reference material
✔ Newspapers
✔ Periodicals
✔ Magazines

  • Numerous notices are put to encourage students to read books.
  • Since the introduction of a reading project by CBSE to promote the reading habit as part of CCE in English language, we have been assessing our students by Reading Books
  • Project in which children are expected to read a book and write a report on it.
  • The school provides an English daily newspaper to each student on payment of nominal subscription fee annuall

➔ Findings of various studies conducted worldwide have confirmed
that most infections are transmitted through poor drinking water.
➔ Though there is fresh water supply from Delhi Jal Board still Panchsheel Public School provides the students with pure drinking
water treated with the latest commercial R.O. plant installed in
the school premises with a capacity of 1000 litre/hour.

  • The students can avail first-aid in the school clinic in the event of sudden illness or accident.
  • A well-qualified doctor conducts medical check-up and counselling of all the students once a year and the parents are duly informed of the results.
  • A medical record of each student is maintained and periodical check-ups of eyes, height, weight and general physical fitness are conducted.
  • The school is also empanelled with a charitable homoeopathic dispesary.

❖ The school transport facility is available throughout the whole academic session.
❖ Students from different localities use school transport. The school has a fleet of buses in good condition plying on different routes to transport the students to and fro.
❖ The transport staff consists of responsible supervisor, drivers and Conductors and bus wardens.

★ The school canteen has an oven and refrigerator and provides fresh and nutritious refreshment to the students. In canteen we only provide packed foods to maintain hygine.

★ A book shop has been functioning within the school premises for the easy procurement of books and stationery required by students from time to time.

★ The uniform shop sells both winter and summer uniforms at reasonable prices throughout the academic session.

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