Use of Advance Technology

To keep the students abreast with latest technological advancement, the school has most modern computer and all highly sophisticated Audio-Visual Aids. We have well organized collection of softwares, extentions of hardware with a strong support of programmed routines and modules. The multimedia rooms have Projector, T.V., Internet and E-mailing facilities. The school maintains its own website.

School has introduced computerized examination result system which shows the progress of child with the help of bar graphs. Rise and fall of bars indicate the progress made by the child. If offers a ready and easy comparison of his/her performance with his previous efforts. It also provides result analysis for further improvement.

To save time of parents and avoid inconvenience computerized fee collection system has been introduced by the school.

There is use of multimedia to create a Brighter tomorrow for today’s students. Teaching through projector & computers help students to grasp and understand the subject in theory and practical classes. Concept and Theoretical aspects of difficult topic are made easy when projected and shown on screen by the teachers. Even kindergarten students are also taught through animations. Teaching through interactive classes has made study interesting and easy for every student

Fine Arts

Art is an expression of life. It blends all moods into varied colours. The fine art department of our School is taking great leaps in articulating this creative talent of young children. At a very tender age they are being groomed to enhance the beauty of nature around them.

High – Tech Computer Lab

The school has a well-equipped Computer Laboratory with latest computers and suitable software. Computer systems are adequately configured and powered with latest technology. The school has well-qualified, trained computer faculty who makes learning about computers an enjoyable experience for the students. The Computer Staff with the help of Computer Lab keeps students abreast with the latest technological happenings. Computer and student ratio of the lab is 2:1. Trained and experienced teachers provide both theoretical and practical lessons for students. Teachers provide individual attention whilst students work on the computer. The lab supports the academic study of Computer Science as a subject. The highly qualified teachers bring new confidence in the students by making them ‘tech savvy’.

Music & Dance

Our talented young singers & dancers under the guidance of their enthusiastic and competent teachers are trained for various dance & music competitions.

Power Backup

The school has 100% power back-up system. Whenever there is a supply failure.the generator is there to back – up the power

R.O. Water Facility

Our school provides the facility of pure drinking water to our students. Drinking water provided to students is treated with latest commercial R .O. plant installed in the school premises with capacity of 1000 ltr./hour.

The School Clinics

Students get first-aid in the school allopathic clinic in the event of sudden illness or accident. A medical check up & counseling of all the students is conducted by a well qualified school doctor once a year and the parents are informed accordingly. A medical record of each student is maintained and periodical checkup of eyes, height, weight & general physical fitness is conducted.

The school is also attached with a Charitable Homeopathic dispensary.


The transport facility is available for the whole session. No student shall be allowed to use the school bus one way. In every case, the bus fee will be charged for both ways. For any change in the bus arrangement, a written request stating adequate reasons thereof should be made.

Parents are responsible for their children at the pick up point.